Aspiring young Physicists from PHS visit PPUC Power Plants

Friday, November 16, 2018 – Through a request by Mr. Noel Reyes, a Physics teacher in Palau High School, 22 aspiring junior Physicists were able to take a tour of both Power Plants (Malakal & Aimeliik) that generate power for all of Koror and Babeldaob. According to Mr. Reyes’ letter requesting for this field trip, “One of the Physics department’s objective is to develop an understanding of natural laws as they apply to motion, forces, energy transformation, electricity and that energy and matter are the fundamental entities of the physical universe.” PPUC engineers and technicians in both locations were able to safely guide students throughout the generator bays while they were in operation, explaining to them in real-time the mechanical composition, functions and how the loud and massive generators create power for Palau.
At the conclusion of this field trip: Students are expected to explain the importance of electricity in all sectors of society; Draw a diagram on how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed to different households and business establishments in Palau; Write an essay about the activity and ways to conserve electrical consumption – according to their teacher Mr. Reyes. PPUC welcomes and fully supports these types of programs by our local educational system and is eager to convey all the necessary information and demonstration for learning purposes and basic conceptualization about everything energy, water and wastewater.