JICA Water Project 1 Year Warranty

A year has passed since the completion of the JICA Water Supply Improvement Project which activated the one year warranty against defects as stated in the contract between PPUC and contractor Tobishima Corporation. An inspection of all facilities done through the Project was conducted on April 22, 2019. All defects were repaired the following day on April 23, 2019. Repairs included thirty-nine (39) replacements of valve box concretes (as shown on the top picture).  Although not considered defects, additional repairs included asphalt overlaying on damaged parts of the main road from Airai to Koror. 

On Thursday 25th April 2019, Mr. Hideyuki Igarashi of Yachiyo Engineering Co. LTD (YEC) presented an official Defect Liability Report to PPUC which was received by Board Vice Chairman Ngiratmetuchel R. Belechl (shown on the bottom picture).

The Water Supply Improvement Project was completed back in April 25, 2018 with three main goals: 1) Improve water management of the system, 2) Improved water pressure to low pressure areas, and 3) Reduction of non-revenue water (NRW).

One of the benefits of the Project greatly appreciated by PPUC and the general public is the ability to isolate sections when repairing leaks by utilizing the newly installed isolation valves. Prior to this, PPUC would have to shut-off water to major portion of the city to make repairs.

PPUC is continuing its work to ensure all lateral connections are made to the new pipeline to allow for the complete decommissioning of the old line.