Wastewater Operations Undergo CCTV Training

Fourteen (14) PPUC employees from the Wastewater Operations and the Project Planning and Implementation Department (PPID) recently participated in a 4-day training from March 25-28, 2019 on CCTV inspection camera for sewerage system. With the growing population and increased water demand, the need for safe wastewater treatment is crucial. The existing sewerage network consists of forty-eight (48) sewerage pumping stations in Koror with one sewage treatment plant located in Malakal, Koror.
The training introduced a special type of CCTV (camera) used in inspecting sewer lines. The trainees were able to perform hands-on training by doing onsite inspections near the Penthouse Hotel in Ikelau hamlet as well as on the newly installed pipe line under the Koror-Airai Sanitation Project (KASP). It was clear from the inspection that the sewerage network experiences blockages due to buildup of fats/oils as well as foreign objects such as rags.
Trainees from the Wastewater Operations include Clarence Masayos, Naveen Kumar Rejeti, Romeo Soriano, Stanton Semdiu, Fumihiro Bukurrou, Moses Bismark, Albert Philip, Costner Tellei, Westerson Mekoll, and Abby Rdialul, Jr. From the PPID are Anthony Rudimch, Sarah Pagaragan, David Bai, and Richard Basiya.

PPUC wishes to remind the public to be mindful of their waste disposal especially not to flush trash such as paper towels, feminine products, baby wipes, and other personal items in the toilet. Further, restaurants and business establishments are reminded to utilize grease traps as they will surely help in reducing the amount of grease entering the sewer network.
Thank you!