Statement of Corporate Intent

PPUC’s Board approved a gender-sensitive SCI and performance indicators including promotion of gender equality within PPUC and activities to support more women in skilled, technical, and ‘non-traditional’ roles and in management and leadership positions. PPUC will continue implementing its corporate gender strategy (2020-2023) and gender-responsive human resources procedures including formal provisions for flexible working, prevention of bullying, gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment. PPUC Board also approved a gender-responsive capacity development plan, including the preparation of the first PPUC annual training plan that specifically targets training for women with annual budget provision. Finally, PPUC will continue implementing its code of corporate governance including a quota (30%) for women board members.

Executive Order 373 states that “the primary objective of each SO is to operate as a successful business and, to that end, to recover all of its costs, including its cost of capital”. The Executive Order goes on to state that “all decisions made by the Republic of Palau as owner, the board of the SO, and management of the SO shall be consistent with the Primary Objective”. Achieving the other objectives set out in this Statement of Corporate Intent will be required to enable PPUC achieve the primary objective.